We are long-term investors and we work to enhance our clients' investment returns while maintaining a reasonable portfolio risk profile. We are determined to invest in economic activities and enterprises that are consistent with our values as ESG investors. For many of our clients, the financial return that they receive should also reflect a contribution to the economic and environmental well-being of our society. 

To customize and individualize an approach specifically for your investment needs:

  • We employ a multi-faceted approach that integrates analysis of long-term demographic and economic trends with fundamental and technical analysis of individual securities.
  • We utilize a proprietary price/earnings ratio-based valuation analysis along with technical and momentum analyses for purchases and sales decisions.
  • We supplement our own investment analyses with external investment research.  
  • Our stock selection is biased towards companies with high-quality balance sheets, good growth opportunities, and dominance in their markets.
  • Our active fixed income management is based on the analysis of yield curve structure, spreads between asset classes, and opportunistic purchases and sales.
  • We integrate equity research and fixed income research to the benefit of both.
  • We are long-term investors and minimize excessive short-term trading.
  • We provide tax-sensitive strategies to clients with taxable portfolios.